About the Author.

Charlene Ransom, MSW.  Charlene is unapologetically Christian and passionate about serving others. She is a mother to one son and grandmother to 3 amazing grandchildren. Charlene discovered her passion to serve early in life and has continuously made serving a way of life.  She believes in living a purposeful filled life.
Charlene received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in social work, both from Rutgers University. She is a certified Trauma-Informed Care Trainer, and a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer.
Charlene is an Advocate for individuals with special needs as well as a coach for The Special Olympics of South Jersey. Charlene is a distinguished and competent communicator with Toastmasters International. Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.
In May 2022 Charlene received the Camden County College Outstanding Alumnus Award.
In her free time, she travels the world looking for a new Art Museum to visit!

Charlene S. Ransom, MSW


Words about the book from the Author

Writing this book was the equivalent of completing a capstone project for my life. Having lived and surveying being sexually abused at the age of 10, or being told that I was not able to learn when I was in the 7th grade are just a few of the many challenges I faced during the course of my life.  Being able to look back over my life and invite others into my journey with a perspective that will help others overcome the trauma they may have experienced; and or help those who may be working with others to better understand and support them with a trauma-informed perspective is the goal of this project. This book is the reward for my survival of it all.  What I celebrate and hope you’re able to glean from this book is hope, courage, and grace to discover the purpose for your life.   No matter what you have experienced, you are still here and purpose is waiting for you to begin to walk in it. Be inspired and motivated to give back to those you choose to serve in the community. After all, you too have the ingredients to be resilient. 

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