It’s what you have been doing all along!

I tell you God is strategic! About 20 years ago, I was working on a curriculum for courageous conversations and it hadn’t even been born yet! About 25 years ago when I joined my now former church, I knew God sent me there to be “groomed for ministry”. Because we are narrow minded in how we perceive ministry and think that looks one way or something within the ‘church’ I never felt like that was for me. Doing ministry the traditional way,  my mind never conceived. I’m the one going up stream, while others are going down stream, remember! Healing Hearts was a support group for victims of sexual abuse. In 2001 or about that time, Dr. Patton, who was the director, walked up to me one day and said to me “it sure would be nice if someone came ‘back’ to Healing Hearts, I could surely use the support “👀. It had been about two or three years since I had been. My answer without hesitation was yes. She came in the next week and gave me the entire Ministry 👀. Now I’m like this was a set up if ever there was one! She was available for me always but I was now the director and she allowed me to be creative and I was completely comfortable facilitating the group each week. I studied, observed my mentors who all had degrees in mental health service and they treated me as if I had one too! 

As I have been negotiating contracts and outlining my content for small group conversations over the last few weeks, I found old notes and content material of topics of discussion for courageous conversations in one of my books. Talk about a full circle moment. 

I love support groups. I love small group conversations and I share why in my new book, Resilience the Ingredients for a Firm Foundation.   Dr. Patton you have played such a huge part in this journey and it began 25 years ago! 

I’m not going to Amazon to look for a workbook; I’m creating my own workbook! 

Let me spark up a Courageous Conversation, it will empower you and when we are done, you will have tools to walk in that empowerment!

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